The Reason I’m Here

So, I’m more than sure whoever is reading this will think.. “What’s the point of this blog?”

Well, I’m glad you asked. Basically, I finally decided to go back to school to make something out of myself (I’m 22, and have had 3 dead end jobs since graduating high school and go figure.. I’m still not happy working these shitty jobs). So here I go all high spirited, applied to a community college (it’s a start) and applied for FAFSA, registered for my classes, yatta yatta yatta. Then I get an email saying I’ve been denied financial aid…

How great!! Just kidding, it freaking sucks. Like hello, I still live with my parents folks. I’m just trying to get my shit straight like everybody else. So I sat and thought to myself, “It’s cool, you can still do this.” Because guess what, that’s how my parents raised me to be. And I’m just like you know what.. this would make a great blog post. Too bad I don’t have one… *BING* [light bulb goes off] .. I’ll start a blog about being a college student and all the set backs that come along with it. Aside from that, also getting easily distracted but it’s okay. Stick around folks, I have a lot of good things being posted as soon as they come up lol. My plans are to post at least once or twice a week. Just a heads up for those of you that aren’t able to tell.. I am sarcastic, it’s how I get through shitty situations so I hope you all don’t mind lol.


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